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Summer of Coronavirus

Poetry Competition

The Summer of Coronovirus Poetry Competition is here!

If you would like to enter, the guidelines and rules are listed below: 

  • You are aged between 11-18 at the time of submission.

  • You have adhered to our word count for poetry, which are 20 words minimum per poem. Haikus are the exception to this rule, as long as you meet the proper syllable counts for haikus​.

  • Your content is appropriate for youth readers aged between 11-18.

  • Your entry is themed around the coronavirus pandemic and how it has affected you or someone else.

  • Your entry is original and your own.

  • Your entry is your best stuff, polished till it's pristine!

  • Your entry has not been submitted elsewhere. 

  • By entering this competition, your entry will be considered for submission in the fall issue, and as such, you are giving Scribere permission to publish your work online and do minimal editing.

Prizes include​ Scribere T-shirts, pens, and pads, all LIMITED EDITION.

Deadline for submission is September 7th, 2020


All set? What are you waiting for?

Send your entry (or entries) as a Word attachment OR a shareable link OR as text in the body of your email to

Please include the following information with your entry:

                        1. Subject line is "Poetry Contest Submission"

                        2. Title of the Entry

                        3. Your Name

                        4. Your Current Grade

                        5. State (or country, if not in the US)

                        6. Whether You Have Ever Submitted to a Online Literary Journal Before

No PDFs, please!


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