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Empathy: by Kushagra G.


By Kushagra G.


Is this what the human generation has come down to?

To the level where we can’t even love one another?

To the level where we can’t empathise with the grief of a fellow being?

To the level where we can’t understand what the other person is going through.

The world has become too cruel, 

the world has lost its glory, 

and the world has become a sham, 

all because, one human cannot understand the pain of another. 

This is not what we were meant to be, 

we were meant to be creatures of empathy, 

creatures who could help others in times of distress, 

yet, here we are, creatures who put on a smile for the others. 

What is empathy after all?

The ability to share and understand feelings of another, 

to know when the other is suffering, 

and to know when the other needs help. 

But all we see today, is where we will benefit,

the concept of empathy is a rare-find now,

because greed has risen through the ranks,

greed, one of the seven deadly sins, has proven its nature,

and humans, still fail to realise what they are doing, 

and humans, fail to empathise with one another. 

Humans were meant to be creatures of love, 

it is time, we live up to that reputation, 

it is time, we start caring for another, without seeking a greedy cause,

it is time, we start to empathise with one another.

One should also learn to love oneself,

if caring for another person is important, 

so is, caring for yourself. 

And in times as such,

we must always be there for someone who wishes to share,

more importantly for someone, who should share,

being there has evolved over the time,

from being something strictly physical, being there in person,

even if you’re ready to listen to someone,

you’re being there for that person,

and trust me, it is important. 

You may not always relate to everything the other person is going through,

but you can listen to them, you can also sympathise, 

and being there for someone in need, 

will give you a joy unparalleled, 

and trust me, 

you simply telling them,

“I am here”, helps a lot.

Start with that, 

make your people believe, that you’ll be there for them,

tell them “you’re there”, if and when they need you,

and your people will be there for you,

whenever you need them.

Best Lesson For Them: by Mohit K.

Best Lesson For Them

By Mohit K.

 Man says, "Hey Corona, why are you so cruel?"

Corona replied, "Oh man, it is because 

 You are harassing other creatures."

Man said, "Forgive us!"

Corona replied, "Did you forgive my 

brothers? They wanted

Only love and care for them, but 

what did you do with them?

You killed them. 

Oh Man, you didn't love them."

Man said, "Forgive us,

It was only our mistake. 

We are the same, we are the same."

Corona said, "Don't say you're the same. 

I know your game.

You made their life hell.

Shame, Man, shame.

If you are not harmed by them,

Why did you kill them and beat them?

Your roleplay is ending, Man.

You belong in the garbage, because

You cannot be called human.

Animals can make your life 

Like God's heaven.

Love them, Man, love them.

How are you feeling, Man?

To live in a house for a long time,

Have you remembered how 

In a cage you kept them?

Shame on you, Man, shame.

You hate them.  

I am only taking revenge, Man,

For your evil works.

It's not the end, understand?

But you won't understand.

So I hate you, Man."

Man went to God 

And God said, "Go from here,

Otherwise you will be kicked out, Man."

Man came out weeping, 

and Corona said to them "I can go,

If you promise

You will never kill them."

Man promised.

"We will never hurt them,

We will care for them."

Corona met God

And God said, "Good job, cadet.

You taught the best lesson to them."

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