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The Cats of Istanbul

By Steph V.

Street Cats of Istanbul, Turkey,
Are each a little bit quirky.
Cared for by all,
No matter how small.
Go see the documentary!

These street cats are smart,
Walking around the mart.
Getting free fish,
Not from a dish.
These cats steal right from the cart.

The Cats of Istanbul: by Steph V.
Our Monsters: by Emma S.

A Sestina For Summer

By Caroline Z.

Sweet and sticky juices of the watermelon

Drip from my chin onto the poolside.

The smell of mouthwatering dinner

Comes closer, a platter carried by mother.

The gentle breezes of summer

Even calms the yipping dog.


Lazily walking, the plumped up dog 

Comes to my side to steal my slice of watermelon.

No way will I let him steal my treat that I get in summer.

I run away from the dog near the poolside,

And a laugh erupts from the mouth of mother,

Who is setting the table outside for dinner.


Everyone is too full of fruit to eat dinner

And I’m still being pursued by the dog.

The dog then goes to mother

To beg her for her watermelon.

I eat my watermelon in peace at the poolside,

Sliding into the shade to get away from the heat of summer.


I spot the fat quail birds that only come during the summer

Eyeing the table with the dinner.

They get noticed by my hyperactive dog

And are chased around the poolside.

I get another piece of delicious watermelon

From the bowl resting next to my beautiful mother.


I smile up at my hardworking mother 

As I leave the table to pet my dog under the sultry sun of summer.

Happily, I eat my new juicy slice of watermelon.

Left on the table, forgotten, is our dinner.

My dog gallops over to where I’m sitting next to the poolside.

Laughing, I give up my watermelon to the dog.


In no time, the watermelon is devoured by the panting dog. 

Fallen asleep is my tired mother.

As I watch her, I too fall asleep on a comfy chair by the poolside.

I enjoy the sweet lulling breezes of a well-earned summer.

Nobody eats the now cold platter of dinner,

And we’ve left alone the bowl bursting of watermelon.


The dog appreciates the summer night and the free 

unguarded watermelon left on the poolside. 

He sits on my asleep mother’s lap to gobble down our dinner too.

A Sestina For Summer: by Caroline Z.
Dream Queen: by Naseem A.
What is a Color?: by Katie S.

Our Monsters

By Emma S.

The smell of sweat fills the air

Gaunt faces, lifeless eyes

Staring into yours, cold as stone

This is your home


The noise of guards yelling 

And the inmates screaming 

This is your home

The home of monsters


A cage of steel, confines you

Binds you

Not just to that room

But to the label

Others put on your back

Because of what you lack-

A chance to prove who you are


But you are not just black, you are not just a prisoner

And you are not 

A Monster

You are a human


A human followed around and victimized

 By constant prejudice

The disease spread by people

And to people


Why do we judge you

Because of what you can’t control

Why have a judicial system,

If your fate depends on a prejudicial system of lies and opinions?


Monsters do exist

They live within us

Waiting to be released 

At our own command


Yet the enemy is not a black man

Or a prisoner

The monster is the one who is blinded

And allows himself to be consumed by the Monster within


If we are to continue to coexist

We must learn to fight the beast

Or we shall lose to our Monsters.

Dream Queen

By Naseem A.

I keep dreaming about going back to the Andover Shop

if light were completely subjective

what color would you paint me?


In Cambridge I fell in love with my own paranoia

learned how to swallow the sky whole

how to be an adventure


But here in California I fall in love with

the art of looking away

light passes through us and appears

On our surface

What is a Color?

By Katie S.

Blue, the most peaceful color in the universe

It’s most of the earth

Slowly being wasted and drunk

Blue is as patriotic as Paul Revere

Working towards America’s destiny

As graceful as a ballerina

Blue is sadness slowly coming down from the sky

It feels wet and droopy

Like rain

It’s the sky only to be held up by the sun

Yellow is daylight glowing brightly

Going farther and farther down in the sky

Yellow is happiness shining down on you

Constantly singing down towards you

When autumn comes 

Yellow is all around

It’s in the trees 

Or on the ground

Everywhere you look 

Yellow is there to guide you


In fall, Red meets yellow

Red is lava oozing out of a volcano

The lava is like anger seeping out of you,

When a devastating thought comes to mind

It’s your heart hurriedly pounding inside your chest

What do you think a color is?

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