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By Jasmine Z.

Once upon a time a muffin was dancing because it was magical. A person walked by and ate them. Then something happened. That person begin to turn into a muffin. The person was about to fall down, but he didn’t fall. Instead, he ate a magical pizza. So he turned into a muffin that was half pizza. 


By Kaylee

I have a golden haired green eyed and very enthusiastic friend called Bianka nickname to BB. She is one of my best friends. She is very sporty and love soccer. Her full name is Bianka is a Belleville tomorrow. She is very nice and kind to me as a friend and she is a great friend. She loves origami.

The Adventures of Juicy, Leafy, and Rooty

By Rukhmini S.

One day, in the garden, Juicy the tomato looked around. No farmer in sight! thought Juicy. She dragged her roots out of the soft soil and thumped away to visit Leafy. Leafy the lettuce was swaying her leaves and humming along to “You Don’t Know You’re Beetiful“ on Farmer Jack’s daughter Alicia‘s cell phone. “Leafy… Leafy… Leafy!!“ But Leafy went on partying. “ Listen up, lettuce friend!!“ Juicy screamed. Leafy jumped and glared at Juicy. “You interrupted my new swing move! And at the best part.“ Juicy rolled her eyes. “I’m bored!“ she complained. “there’s nothing to do!“ “Oh go visit Rooty,“ grumbled Leafy. So Juicy grumpily stomped away.


By Sevin K.

It was a dark and stormy night. I fought dragons and zombies. Suddenly, I got very scared. There were thousands of them! But then I woke up. I was very annoyed because it was a dream. What should I do now? I looked outside my window and saw hordes of dragons! “No!!“


By Emily

One day there was a grape named Spike. He was a magical grape. That meant that he could kill anybody that he wanted to, so he could never get eaten.


by Sevin K.

My group of friends and I from another world, step into a room but it was full of TNT and everyone blew up. But we didn't die, so we went to the Kwik-E-Mart to buy a soda. But the soda there was poisoned. We still didn't die, so we went back home, but the welcome mat was actually a pressure plate connecting to a thermal nuclear bomb and we all died. Everyone blew up and it was full of TNT but stepping into a room was me and my group of friends from another world. You without your group of enemies in this world stepped out of the room and it was full of candy but nobody was safe.

The Greatest Gift

By Lasaides

It was Christmas Day! I came down to open my gifts. I opened one, that I could never forget. It was a puppy! He was black and white and he was so small. I showed him how to sit, jump, shake and how to call him. He was my best friend and I grew up with him. We became old together. When he was three years old, the dog had grown gray hair. The dog had passed away when he was fifty but I still acted like my best friend was here. When it was his birthday I would celebrate it.


By Arthur

I have a YouTube channel. One day I posted something really cool on my YouTube channel. It got 1 million views! Wait, never mind. That was the dislike button. I decided to post something else to boost my popularity. I posted a video of me watching TV and nobody liked it. I said to my iPad, “I give up!"


By Bianca H.

Sock was sad. Sock was grumpy. Sock smelled BAD. I am SICK of being a sock, Sock thought. I am so smelly! I haven't been washed for seven years. (Note: seven years equals one day in human time.) So Sock set out for the washing machine. Sock met his partner, Shoe. "Hey," Sock said miserably. He kept walking. Then he looked up. An angel! He thought. No. The washing machine! Just then a human walked into the room. Sock quickly threw himself onto the dirty washing. The next day the human took Sock out of the washing. Sock looked down at himself. He was pink! He hated pink. Well, he thought, At least I was washed!


By Rohan

One day Mr. Blah Blah Blah went to visit Bob Dob. Bob Dob has a twin named Dob Bob. Halb Halb Halb also came to visit. Halb Halb Halb is Blah Blah Blah's brother. When everyone got there, for some reason Billy Bobby was there and had fainted. Billy Bobby was really weird. They started by playing Name that Person, which was a stupid idea because whenever they play that game, a dinosaur appears. So Dino came and started playing. The Dino's name was Billy Bob Joe. Billy Bobby said, "Yeti Yeti Yeti please come," and a yeti appeared. The yeti's name was Yeti #57678903. Yeti #57678903 made his fellow monsters appear, and you can guess the rest. But somehow they all survived. 


By Enzo

     Last time I saw my dad was nine years ago, on my first birthday, but I’m never going to see him. In my class, we're doing a slavery unit. I’m learning about Martin Luther King Jr. I’m changing his famous line to “Don’t judge a person by the way they look, but by the content of their character“. Now I’m not ugly.

     I am Jake. I think of myself as ugliest kid alive, but the thing is is, I am ugly. I have ... birthmarks. There’s two of them. One over my mouth, and the other across my left eye. I am ugly. I have no friends, nobody. My mom says I’m not ugly at all. Like anyone else’s says that’s true, like my dad for example. My parents are divorced. 


By Serena C.

I love ham. And my friend does too. One day I was strolling out in the neighborhood, and suddenly I slipped. I looked down and saw ham. I gasped. I mean, who would waste a perfectly good piece of ham? So I picked it up, wincing a little bit. Now I hate ham.


By Tara

Today there was a roar in the kitchen, and it was loud and fierce. I walked closer and it was a beautiful purple dragon. Before, I thought the dragon was a big purple cloud. It loved gummies and purple. It also loves candy and every type of food. He was a very nice dragon.

Old Bessie

By Triveni B.

Once upon a time there was an 80-year-old grandma named old Bessie. She was old and sad and lonely. She wanted someone to play with. One day she went to the park. She found a box. A big box. She wondered what was inside. She opened the box. A bunch of glitter and rainbows exploded out of the box. There was a unicorn inside! She was trying to find out who left it there. 


By Triveni B.

Once upon a time there was a five-year-old named Sonali. She had an eight-year-old pencil named Bob, and a cockatoo for a pet. Sonali had three friends. They were named Triveni, Midori, and Rubi. She said, “Can we be friends?” And the five-year-olds said yes! And they all lived happily ever after, while they were eating purple potatoes.

The Greatest Gift

By Satvik S.

Terry woke up. Then he screamed. He yelled, “Black widow! Black widow!“ Then, the most dangerous thing in his village disappeared. Then he actually woke up. He could tell he actually woke up because unlike his dreams, he could actually feel the cold stone floor under him. If you’re wondering why he didn’t sleep in his bed, the answer is that Terry always fell asleep next to his restless brother. He just never woke up in his bed. He looked at his little brother Larry, as he slept curled up next to his pet cat, To Be Eaten. Yes, To Be Eaten’s collar and his drinking bowl were both branded with To Be Eaten. Now because Crystal Nation was religious, and supported cannibalism, To Be Eaten would be eaten once she was able to swallow a deer whole. To Be Eaten was three years, three months, three weeks, and three days old. So it would take about another 10 days for her to be able to swallow a deer whole. Terry wanted To Be Eaten not to die, so he was trying to save her. It looked like there was no way to save her, because there were 33 elders ready to eat her, and ready to stop anyone from saving her. Not only was it treason to save To Be Eaten, everyone related to him would have to die. Which would be like 333 people. Everyone in his family was scared. But there is one thing Terry’s family didn’t know. To Be Eaten's real name was Night Wizard Kitty, was Knight Kitty’s cousin, and was an amazing sorcerer. She was the only one who is able to save herself. But there was a problem: three more spells, and the world would divide.


By Sophie P.

In a corner of the kitchen set a lonely, lumpy potato. "Oh woe is me! I'm so lonely and sad." The potato cried in dismay. Suddenly, a human tromped into the kitchen. "Mashed potatoes! I must eat them!" The human moaned hungrily. The potato gasped and started crying silently to itself.

From far away, The Veggies watched the sad potato sympathetically. "Poor guy." Sighed Tomato, as it hopped closer to the cabinet doors. Lettuce sighed. "We... should help it!" Exclaimed Pickle. The group nodded, and swooped down to the potato. "EAT YOUR VEGGIES!" The group called. The human screamed and ran away muttering about jalapeños and kale (both had passed away long ago). "Come with us, you beautiful lump!" Tomato called.

"My guardian veggies!" The potato cried. "My name is ....... Kalaphandiliofussuo!" The potato cried before hopping onto lettuce. The foods swooped away never to be seen again as they soared out the window.

The Magic Marker

By Kayla X.

Once there was a super fluffy Pomeranian puppy. It liked gummies a lot, so its favorite place was Gummy Forest. In Gummy Forest, there are gummy trees, and they grow gummies. One day when the puppy (Mellon) was going to Gummy Forest, it found a magic wand. At first, Mellon was not sure what it was. But when it started to sparkle, Mellon knew. When Mellon picked it up, the wand turned into a blue marker. It spun around in Mellon's paw. “Draw with me!“ It started to talk! Mellon jumped back. His super fluffy fur stuck up from all sides. “Wow!” He screamed, and hid behind a tree. “I never knew you talked!” “Well,” the wand said, ”I am a magic wand. I can turn into a marker!” So Mellon came out from behind a tree and started to draw. He drew a little dog house, football, and a gummy-catcher. They all turned into real things, and melon got some gummies. The following day, Mellon drew himself at home, and he lived happily ever after in his most favorite place in the world, Gummy Forest, instead of his old home, New York.


By Neeraj G.

Bob goes to school to learn. Bob insults the teacher. The teacher calls the principal. Bob gets detention.

 The principal likes to yell. Uh-oh. Then Bob runs away. He decides to run to the Underworld. Suddenly, the police confront him and ask him why he wasn't at school. He says that he ran from school because there was a mountain lion. The mountain lion told Bob to run away quickly. Bob starts to wonder why mean mountain lions had a right to speak like humans. The police also like to yell. UH-OH!


By Brandon

Bob got mad at Ms. Bobbett. Bob got in detention. He was scolded by Mr. Bobbett. Bob got mad at Mr. Bobbett. Bob also robbed the school. Its name was Bobmeadow in Bobalto, Bobifornia. Bob got arrested. Bob got mad and punched the police in Bobville detention. Bob robbed the police. Bob was now a millionaire. Bob bought a cookie from Bobbett's grocery store. Bob got mad at the cookie and kicked it. Bob got eaten by the mad cookie. Bob died on Bobember 21st. His plastic tombstone said "He was small." Only one person went to his funeral. It was Bob the Third.

To be bobinued...


By Jillian R.

My greatest gifts from Christmas were my electric blinky reader, wireless headphones, and my magic toy. 

The best day of my life is today, when I'm writing in this notebook eating gummies. 

The Greatest Gift

By Triveni B

One year for Christmas, Megan was making gifts for her family. Her family never celebrated Christmas. She would make every present by hand, and would wrap them in streamers. She made her mom a painting, her dad a mug, and her brother a collage of all the pictures of them. And in return, they gave her the best gift ever. It was... A BANANA


By Leovanni H.

The most valuable thing I own is my Nintendo that my dad gave to me for my birthday. The color is black. The games it has are Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart.

The greatest gift I ever got was for my birthday. It was a football with a piece of gold inside of it. It was from my friend.

The Life of a Unicorn

By Natalia M.

If you weren't a unicorn, you'd think that we slept in rainbows and clouds, high in the sky. The truth is that us unicorns have to sleep in trees. I don't know why the great Council of Emperor Unicorns decided to switch from clouds to trees. All I know is that our horns are absolutely no help when you want to climb a tree. Imagine if you want to get up a tree, and you have this huge bone sticking out of your forehead. And if climbing short trees is hard, then how hard is it to climb up the huge, Council of Emperor Unicorns' oak tree? Seriously, you might think that being a unicorn is the best thing that can happen to you, but think again. Because being a unicorn, even a sparkly one, sucks. Trust me, I'm only a one-year-old unicorn, and I already hate my life.


By Kaylee

Dragons are a rare species that loves apples. It also loves candy and unicorns. And bananas. It eats them three times a day. Their favorite food is rice with candy. They throw up a lot, and it is very disgusting.


By Augustus S.

Once upon a time there was a cute fluffy human. Her name was Bethany. She lives right next to the village Crystal. The cute fluffy human had 10,000,000 barbarians. They for many villages. One day they explored the east side of the village. They found two villages: Crystal Nation and Nation. There she found a person named Brad stranded in the forest. Brad looked like Bethany, but except he looked so ugly that Bethany fell in love with him. Bethany and Brad got married in 8047 BC. After they got married they explored the two villages, where they met Terry. He was very shy but agreed to join forces with them. In the second village they found cannibals, and had to talk to them so they wouldn’t attack them. Then after two days of talking and no eating they agreed not to each other. The three forces agreed to fight each other and then a nuclear bomb exploded… To be continued


By Kai

Long ago, in the land of no-headed animals, one-headed animals came. But the no-headed animals got jealous of them, so they ate the one-headed animals' heads, hoping to get heads of their own. Fortunately, they got heads of their own. And the one-headed animals? Luckily, they survived and grew back their heads. The two species became friends. They became the same species. Now we know why every living animal has a head.



It was Christmas day I came down to open my gifts. I opened one, but I can never forget it. It was a puppy. He was black and white and he was so small. I showed him how to sit, jump, shake and how to call him. He was my best friend and I grew up with him. We became old together. When he was three years old, the dog had got gray hair. The dog had passed away when he was 50 but I still acted like his best friend was here. When it was his birthday I would celebrate it.



The whale swam up to the lemonade stand, and said "I'm thirsty!" The girl who was standing was very very excited to see a talking whale. She asked him, "Are you magical?" The whale said, "Yes I am."

Quickly, the girl went on the whales back, the whale brought her to the ocean.


By Hana B. 

The year 2798 BC Mother Nature woke up. She was going to make something new today. Something... unique. But Mother Nature had no inspiration, so she made a sad, brown, lumpy oval. She needed a name for it. Then, she decided that if it's edible, and it's fairly okay when it is boiled, it should be called a potato, as in pote-ate-o.


Mother Nature has discovered that potatoes started to come to life! They became super intelligent over time, creating great buildings, fascinating arts, and amazing colonies underground! But humans have threatened the potatoes, digging farther and farther underground, with a potato about to be discovered by Europeans. The potatoes needed to escape.



The majority of the potatoes have gone farther underground, using a screwdriver found on the surface land. This "screwdriver" was repurposed as a drilling machine. There were some slower potatoes, who were domesticated by humans and eaten as "crops ". Mother Nature always did know that humans were quite rude. The potatoes were fascinated by the surface. Then, all the potatoes of underground decided to build a "rocket". 



The underground potatoes have escaped to one of Pluto's moons, creating artificial oxygen to survive. They created ozone through their advanced technology, and brought water from Earth to soak in. The potatoes then lived happily on one of Pluto's moons.


By Simon P.

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Goldilocks and she liked cars. One day, Goldilocks was cleaning out her grandma's garage when she found a treasure map. She followed it to a secret house in the woods. She dug underneath the front door, then she jumped into the hole and found a secret passage. The passage was a wooden tunnel. Then she came to a ladder. She slid down the ladder and into a fast Lamborghini and zoomed off.

Lucky's Battle

By Vallerie C.


Before He Was Born

When Lucky was in his mother's womb, God gave him two choices: to be a walking-talking dog, or to be a human, wealthy and rich. Of course, he chose to be a walking-talking dog. 


When he was born, he was a healthy baby pup. He never cried. He had an older brother named Prince.


He grew up, and then became a child. He was handsome. Whenever he walked down the streets, people commented on how cute and handsome he was. All girls that saw him right away whispered, "I want to marry him when I grow up!" But, of course, they didn't. Still, a lot of girls, probably 1 million girls, said that.


As a teenager, he started to like girls. His human name was Tim. He could turn into a walking-talking dog or a human teenager. The worlds change when he did that. His family had the ability to do that.


He soon had a girlfriend named Serena. A boy named Alvin also loved her. One day, they owned a castle. Both of them had an army, and servants, and more. They fought, Alvin was robbed and Tim A.k.a. Lucky, took Serena as his wife. He learned Serena had the same powers as he did.


By Tara

Ding dong, ding dong! Mission bells ring, waking up all the Native Americans. Every morning, every Native American kid wishes to play with something. One day a mission kid named Biana was folding paper, and the other kids didn’t know what it was. They thought she was weird and very unusual. They were all guessing what it was. When she told them that it was origami they all laughed. They thought it was a shoe because in their language it meant 'sneaker'.



Once upon a time there were three cows. The three brothers were homeless, and needed someone to take care of them. So they went to another cow’s house to see if they could earn money. The cow knew they were coming and wanted to put them in slavery. So they went to the house and the cow had a gun, and he forced them into slavery. Five days later, they had a break. One of the brothers said that they needed to learn how to fight him. So they went to Ninja School for one week and came back to fight. They dodged his bullets, kicked his udders, and they demolished him and stole his gun. They also stole his money and now they were rich, and they lived happily ever after, for now!

A Magical Gummy

By Alexander K.

Once upon a time, I found a pack of gummies on my computer desk. I wondered what they would do. The last time I found something weird, it shrunk me! I wondered if I eat it it would give me any power I wanted, like speed, intelligence, stopping time, flying, turning into anything I wanted to, and have the power to make waterslides. I opened the pack and ate one. I felt really weird, and wondered what it did. Then out of nowhere, I saw a gigantic waterslide outside my house, so I went outside and invited my friends to join me. I also told my friends to bring $10 with them, so they could enter. Once they came, they asked how it appeared. I told them I ate a gummy and I made the waterslides. They were so amazed at their mouth dropped to the ground and gave me their money and ran in. They started on all the slides. Then the fun obstacles, then they went to the pools. After that they went home and said they will come back to play again.

The Adventures of Bob and Jeff

By Benjamin L.

Once upon a time, there was a princess named Bob and a prince named Jeff. Bob lived on a planet far, far away called Earth, and Jeff lived on Earth, where we live! Bob really missed Jeff, because they both grew up and had fun together on Earth. But one day, Bob was taken away by an alien group called 'John Cena', and Bob was taken to Earth. So then Bob had a plan. Since Bob and Jeff are married, and Bob wanted to return home, she decided to escape the aliens. She went into a body-changing machine, and made herself look like an alien. She stole a UFO and started heading towards Earth. Meanwhile, Jeff was stuck in prison. He played prison basketball. The only way to get out of prison was to win the basketball tournament. He worked hard for a year, and finally won. When Jeff got out of prison he saw Bob. They ran towards each other, hugged, and live happily ever after. The end


By Camila

Once upon a time there was a pretty, pretty princess. This princess lived in a pink tower. But she was never allowed to go outside. However, this princess didn’t care. She ran down and open the door and got outside. By the time she got out she thought, “How dumb am I? The door was opened!” The princess looked to her right, then her left. Then she saw a village. When she got to the village it wasn’t a pretty classy village, it was a broccoli village. A bunch of broccolis were dancing. Some were even wearing heels and going shopping. This princess had her mouth dropped all the way to the floor. She decided to make sure she wasn't a broccoli, and then a broccoli came up to her and said, “Hi there. Do you know where the broccoli shop is?“ The princess said “No, I’m new here, so, um, bye!“ The broccoli was surprised. He said, “Wait, don’t go! You have to try the frozen broccoli yogurt shop.“ Since the princess was wearing heels she took them off and ran but one of them slipped and fell. The broccoli was chasing her and he found her shoe. He saw it and said “Everyone, I will be having a shoe test in my castle.” The next day The whole village came to his castle. The princess was hearing about this on her TV. She rushed to the broccoli‘s castle and shoved and pushed to get through. She took her shoe and tried it on, and it fit. She saw the broccoli, and was so charmed she kissed a broccoli and they lived happily ever after in broccoli village.


By Mirabelle U.

One day I met a banana. "Hello," the banana said. "My name is Fluffy. What’s your name?" "My name is Spiky, and I am a kitten. Let’s be friends," I said. "OK," the banana replied. "I’m a great driver." So we got in his car and drove to the ice cream counter. The banana said, "I love ice cream but I am on a diet." We then went to a restaurant called Grape World. "I can’t eat grapes either," he said. "I can only eat Brussel sprouts." So we went to a place called Brussel Sprouts World and he ate everything. But I didn’t, I was full from all the food before. And I also hate Brussel sprouts. So we weren’t friends anymore.


By Sunset R.

Episode One

A long, long time ago, there was a nation of cannibals. They liked to eat other people in the the villages. They were big savages. But one day, a cute kitty princess came along. The cannibals were unsure what this strange animal was. They thought it was magical. Then the cat ate the houses and furniture, and then burped it all out. The cannibals just pretended that the cat was a cannibal and ended up eating it. Nowadays, people describe the cannibals as stupid nincompoops.

Episode Two

A long, long, time ago, right after the Nation of Cannibals fell, rose the Crystal Nation. In the Crystal Nation, you can eat Brad & Bethany-flavored ice cream, or In'n'Out cannibal burger, or a Cannibalways (Subways) sandwich. One day, a guy named Terry and a guy named Owen met the people in the Crystal Nation. "What the heck are you doing here?" said another person named Joe. "Die, person!" said Owen. "Hey, nincompoop!" said a person named Bob. "Bye!" said Owen. "I'm an angel that has a good heart and brain and that has never killed anyone," he said, killing another person.


By Mirabelle U.

Today I was walking and I saw a unicorn. The unicorn saw me and walked up to me. I said hand I patted its back. It was so soft. Slowly I went on its back, and as quick as a flash it started to gallop. I didn't know if he liked me or not. 

Taking Care of My Bearded Dragon

By Saraig

I have a pet bearded dragon, and I'm going to tell you how to take care of one. First, you will need a lightbulb to emit heat in your bearded dragon's tank. I suggest you start out with a fifty-gallon tank for your juvenile-adult bearded dragon. 


By Taiga

Long ago, there were two robots that had an evil plan. But Mickey Mouse said, "I'll save the day!" Then the robots said, EXTERMINATE. But Tony Stark wanted to help, so they had a plan. Mickey Mouse would distract the robots. Meanwhile, in the robot's cave, they knew that Mickey would attack, but they did not know about Tony. So the robots changed into Thanos, so know everyone knows why Tony Stark (Iron Man) hates Thanos.


By Tomer

I was there on a bunk bed. I opened my book to read, and I said, "Cradgo." It wa a world I just came up with, and as soon as I said it the pictures in the book started to move. The first second I got creeped out, but after that it was cool. I thought that Cradgo must be a spell! "So if Cradgo is  spell then there is magic in the world," I said. And I thought, I should keep it a secret so I can get famous! I thought about how my future would be with magic in it. I shut the book and went, to sleep, wondering what would come next...

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