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Message From the Editor

     Welcome to the inaugural issue of Scribere! By clicking on the links below, you will step into a world of words, authored by youth ages 11-18. There is something for everyone in this issue -- from sci-fi, drama, and horror to real-world problems of living with disability or balancing the pressure of school and activities. The poems in this issue will take you on a whimsical journey, through the wonders of nature and time to the lives of humans, ants and cats. Here, you will find a twist on the words of famous poets, and even a tribute to a much-loved card game.

     So come on in, and spend some time in this wondrous world. If you like what you see, think about submitting your own work to Scribere!

-- Keshav D.

Founding Editor, Scribere

An online literary journal for youth ages 11-18. Our mission? To inspire youth creativity.

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