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By Charlotte O.

The night swept in the way a raven flies through the fleeting day.

The bird touched me once, feathers soft as the clouds they glide in.

I could taste the sky in that moment, sweet and cold as ice.

Night was a time of fear, when thieves and scoundrels came out to play.

In that big city of Ashland, you couldn’t walk three steps after the sun vanished before you had nothing with you except the bitter taste of fear, regret, and anger.

Except if you were the vermin crawling the streets, then night was the only time you could truly live.

The sun was always a furnace during the long, boring days.

It was always a shock when it vanished, buried in death.

“Do I look lonely?” was the question it asked, before it was violently trampled by those ravens we call stars.

The grace and eloquence of those ravens made death look beautiful, like a song you would be honored to join the chorus of.

Carolers, dancers, even the old woman who lived down the street, they would all somehow add to the wonderful but ugly symphony.

The greatest spectacle of the show was when the people in the banisters, the rich and famous, were snatched up by those ravens with their sharp claws, and carried away into that messy, unforgiving night.

Night: by Charlotte O.
Whole: by Katie T.

Ideas Whisper

By Laker N.


Ideas whisper -- decide:

Shrink from them with fear or

Wield them with pride.

Ideas Whisper: by Laker N.

A Mother's Promise

By Jenilee C.

Wisps of shiftless grey puff and curl

A lick of fire

Barely visible against a haze of darkness

Vitality startles

The drooping wick

Whose countenance is dripping with shame

Awakens from within

whimpering embers

The light of tomorrow

Basked in the glory of


Rekindled from the depths of millions of miles away

A Mother's Promise: by Jenilee C.


By Katie T.


was busy

and tiring.


had to get up early

to catch the bus

because now it leaves

thirty minutes earlier

than it used to

and also because

my new haircut

takes twenty five minutes

to brush.


school was not much better.

one class after another.

in math class we are studying

imaginary numbers.

teacher says

“if you multiply a number by an imaginary number

the first number becomes imaginary too.”

i wish i could multiply

math class

by an imaginary number.


science class: even crazier.

we were working on

the functions of the heart

and i wanted to scream

but i knew

that would waste all the energy

i needed to use

on studying arteries and veins.



some guys teased me

because i was sweating so hard

that the armpit-area of my white dress

was starting to turn

an odd shade of blue-gray.








i am so tired of it

of all of it.


home again



moment i walk in

i am ready to pass out

on the couch.


but my little sister

comes up to me

with her little cat-shaped toy

and she asks

in her cute little-girl voice

“how was your day?

and will you please pet my cat?”


so i pet it

and she hugs me.


and somehow

after the long hard day

after i fell apart

and lost all the pieces of me



i am


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