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Running Away

By Olivia G.

The man cries out inside but is lifeless on the outside

As the world is seen in colors, he views the world as a gray dark place


Time goes by and it feels so strange

It’s like he’s in a dream floating away


The world is running away, but he is standing in place

As he dances around inside his own mind trying to keep up with the rhythm

He somehow keeps getting off beat


He thinks if only he would’ve laughed louder

Then he  wouldn’t hear the cry inside

That willows with the wind when the wind whistles


His mind is like trees that sway when the wind laughs that causes commotion

Memories are stored in his mind

So he can remember when times were simple and meaningful will never be lost

The world is moving on, and his life is going with it

Alone: by Mia Z.
Running Away: by Olivia G.


By Olivia L.

What happens to a rose in the summer?

Does it melt

Like ice cream out from the freezer?

Does it dry and shrivel up

Like a raisin in the blazing heat?

Does it fall

Like the leaves in Fall,

Or does it crumble

Like coffee cake.

Maybe it does nothing.

Maybe it just endlessly grows

Like weeds.

Roses: by Olivia L.
Donuts in the Sky: by Ben M.


By Mia Z.

i'm holding on

to that last tree branch

not moving at all

not taking a chance


Don’t want to hold on

don't want to let go

keeping everything in

so no one will know


all of the things

held inside of me

are starting to seep out

for the world to see


but the outsides

feel like such a scary place

so i hide my feelings

making no mistakes


it used to be different

with beauty all around

but its been destroyed

and forever burnt down


i'm on the edge of the cliff

and won’t feel the fall

but everything stands in front of me

and I could lose that all

Donuts in the Sky

Ben M.

There are donuts in the sky

Stickily sweet and covered in glaze

Don't you see it, right next to the pie?

Affix your gaze to that succulent glaze

A shining varnish

Only my gastric juices can tarnish

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