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Message From the Editor

     Welcome to the fourteenth edition of Scribere! This edition marks our Summer 2020 issue, and what a different summer this has been! I had originally planned to travel to Europe and stuff myself with local delicacies and cuisines, meet up with relatives, and see the sights of historic cities. Instead, I remained at home and re-immersed myself in my love of reading for the sake of reading, and writing for the sake of writing. While the coronavirus pandemic may have derailed my vacation plans, it also allowed me time and stillness to reflect on current events through my writing and access a deeper understanding of my world in this way.

     The Summer of Coronavirus Poetry Competition is off to a flying start, and submissions have poured in from around the globe! The prompt asks the poet to touch on how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted their life, in ways good or bad, large or small, funny or sad. This competition will be running until September 7th, and all entries will be considered for publication in the Fall 2020 special issue of Scribere. Winners will receive prizes!

     In this issue of Scribere, you'll find twenty-three pieces of original fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. These stories tell of otherworldly occurrences, of dealing with loss, and of personal growth. For those of you who have been reading the serialized pieces, you'll find the sixth chapter of Abstracts: Seer, the fourth installation of Who Am I, and the second installation of We’re Looking for the Sky. Joining the serialized repertoire this time is The Alleyway Portal.

     Despite the current global circumstances, I hope that you can find the time to put pen to paper and explore your imagination, flex your creative muscles, and express your thoughts and feelings through the medium of words.

     Stay masked, stay safe, and stay creative!

-- Keshav D.

Founding Editor, Scribere

An online literary journal for youth ages 11-18. Our mission? To inspire youth creativity.

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