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Tick Tock

Ellie Yang

Tick tock, the clock’s steady beat resounds, 

As you ramble back through time’s old bounds, 

A journey to a realm where lost nightmares fare, 

Must it challenge the rhyme scattered in the air?

Breathe in deeply, 

What scents arise? 

Beyond the faint tulips, a scent that makes hearts stare, 

Not the bitter jealousy that stains the air,

But the aroma of joy and light, sprinkled upon your heart’s delight,

A fragrance of bygone days, when time shone majestic bright.

Listen closely,

What sounds prevail? 

It’s the absence of sound, so deafening, profound,

Lost in the labyrinth of tangled thoughts and fears, 

The orchestra falters, their harmonies disappear, 

Yet listen keenly, for a new tune takes flight,

A chorus of birds, singing of grace and delight.

So lost and tangled, a world in my grasp, 

Entwined within its web, in shadows we clasp, 

Yet the eyes of the unknown, marked by unseen pain, 

Let our tears flow for the lonely, like gentle rain, 

For the facade of youthful voices may obscure, 

The depth of their struggles, a silent allure.

Tick tock, echoes the clock, relentless and sure, 

A reminder of time’s passage, steady and pure, 

But within its melody, lies a precious gift untold, 

To seize each moment, with hearts brave and bold, 

To live with purpose, in a symphony of our own, 

Transforming the tick tock into a resounding tone.

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