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By submitting your creative masterpiece, you confirm and agree with the following:

  • You are aged between 11-18 at the time of submission.

  • You have adhered to our word count:

    • Fiction: 500 words MINIMUM

    • Non-fiction: 500 words MINIMUM

    • Poetry: 20 words MINIMUM per poem (haikus are welcome too!)

  • Your content is appropriate for youth readers aged between 11-18.

  • Your work is original and your own.

  • Your work is your best stuff, polished till it's pristine!

  • Your work has not been submitted elsewhere. 

  • If we don't accept your piece, we'll give you feedback and invite you to revise and resubmit!

  • No schoolwork such as book reports or debate pieces, please!

  • If accepted, your work will be published with your first name, last initial only.

  • If accepted, you are giving Scribere permission to publish your work online and do minimal editing.


All set? What are you waiting for?

Send your submission as a Word attachment OR a shareable link OR as text in the body of your email to

Please include the following information with your piece:

                        1. Title of the Piece

                        2. Your Name

                        3. Country (and State if USA)

                        4. Your Current Grade

                        5. Whether You Have Ever Submitted to a Online Literary Journal Before

No PDFs, please!


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