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Unrequited Love in the Night Sky

Eva Lam

A star shines brightly against the violet canvas,

radiant waves of light





Humanity below awes in its beauty,

The one constant in the night sky which guides them when lost,

It is simple: humanity is in love with this star,

and believes it shines brighter every day

just for them.

But perhaps humanity is stupid, so lacking in emotional awareness 

that it is able to perceive the bright glow of this star

yet cannot sense that it shines not for them

but for another star.

It does not matter that every human praises this star every night,

does not matter that humanity would fail to survive

without this star.

In fact, this star could not care less if humanity perished,

because all it cares about is gaining the attention

of its lover.

Its lover is just a few light years away, yet

so far, 

so untouchable,

So all this star can do is shine brighter,

and brighter, 

and brighter,

hoping for any sort of acknowledgment or affection

from the beautifully hot,

searing white star it has admired for centuries

and centuries.

The star glows brightly every night, expending so much of its energy

in pure infatuation

That it does not notice itself gradually cooling,

getting colder,

and colder,

and colder

until it is a red giant,

Until it stops glowing.

It fades into the violet canvas, not a single trace of its existence left.

Humanity is devastated.

But in the end, was it worth it for this star to dissipate into nothing? Was it worth it to leave humanity pounding its fists into the ground and wailing into the endless, muted darkness, nothing to guide them anymore? Was it worth it for this star to kill itself to satisfy an insatiable yearning for love?

No. It was not worth it.

This star’s efforts were in vain. Its lover has never, not for a single second, 

noticed the one star so devoted in giving its life away,

begging for the slightest bit of affection.

Despite all of humanity’s worshiping it,

this star has died, feeling unloved

and unseen

and blinded by foolish love.

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