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Message From the Editor

     Welcome to the sixteenth edition of Scribere!


     In this issue, you'll find five works of fiction, five works of nonfiction, and twenty-seven works of poetry. Perhaps as a result of pandemic blues, many of these pieces follow dark themes, from relationships gone wrong to the struggle in finding oneself to dealing with loneliness and helplessness. However, some of these works are hopeful: discovering friendships, dreaming of the future, and reminding us that it's always darkest before dawn, and we must deal with hardship before we can enjoy life to its fullest. Our serialized pieces also continue: the seventh chapter of Abstracts: Seer, the fifth installation of Who Am I, the third installation of We’re Looking for the Sky, and the second chapter of The Alleyway Portal.

     The coronavirus pandemic rages on, but with multiple vaccines having been developed and implemented around the world, the end may be in sight. In the meanwhile, stay masked, stay safe, and stay creative!


-- Keshav D.

Founding Editor, Scribere

An online literary journal for youth ages 11-18. Our mission? To inspire youth creativity.

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