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For All Eternity

Aliza Keefer

O why can’t I be free from sin,

Be born anew, again begin?

And why can’t I be raised with Thee,

With You for all eternity

How can I serve with all my might,

And speak of you both day and night?

And sacrifice for you with glee,

For more than all eternity

Remember when Christ Jesus came,

King Jesus called me by name,

He died, rose, and set me free,

Now free for all eternity.

The love I have deservèd not

The price is paid, the souls He bought.

Remember now; Gethsemane.

You’re loved for all eternity.

He ascended after blood was spent,

Disciples to the world were sent,

I loveth Thou, Thou loveth me,

Always for all eternity.

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