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Yilin Xia

The beautiful colors of a rainbow in a clouded gray sky.

A sudden smile on a wounded person’s face.

Happiness takes a trip in everybody’s lives,

sprinkling peace and luck over the world.

It may be invisible and silent,

but it is known around the globe.

It is the sweetness in a cake,

the good part of a movie.

Butterflies in the stomach go away,

Replaced by a warm and cool feeling,

mixed together, like warm, gooey chocolate bars that melt in your mouth.

Happiness comes and goes to everyone,

making their lives full of hope and giddiness.

If your dream comes true,

you know happiness is going to visit you very soon.

This is where life gets interesting.

Happiness plays a significant role in our lives.

Or else why would we have come from hunting bunnies to traveling into space?

It carries us when we feel sad,

It tries to guide us when we are lost.

So cherish those everyday moments when everyone is smiling,

Because you know who was by their side.

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