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Welcome Home, Darlin’

“My aunt told me she was getting married again last weekend. This is her fourth, I think. I was little for her first, my first wedding too. On the ride to the church (Baptist because that’s what the groom was), my mom kept muttering, Shotgun, it’s a shotgun wedding I tell ya.” 

Jordan Muscal


Photinus Fireflies

“Damon let go of my hand to grab Simon’s red bag. I frowned at that, but didn’t really mind—Simon was his best friend after all.” 

Chloe Cho


A Middle-Aged Man

“The middle-aged man had to remind himself what had no meaning—the paper, of course, of course.” 

Samuel Teoh

The View of the Lake

“The young man contemplated the lake: still, peaceful, untainted. The very opposite of his soul, he mused, with a small, involuntary smile.” 

Sofia Aparicio



“What’s it like / being the metal bridge / between creation / and destruction?” 

Suhjung Kim


For All Eternity

“O why can’t I be free from sin, / Be born anew, again begin? 

Aliza Keefer


confessions of a fallen angel

“mother, I’m sorry I stopped calling. / eternity is hard to chew” 

Violet Hetherington


The sound of a hush

the sky is plum, the hills tear and trench / as the earth rips every limb and tendon of his corpse apart” 

Nina Rowlands



“Do not see the broken / skin, the soft, the rotting, the dent” 

Suhjung Kim

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