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’98 Braves

Roman Caulk

My first love, and my second heartbreak. It was love at first sight, but you didn’t even see me, you saw through me. Why do I keep missing these subtle signs? Like a Disney movie with a not-so-pleasant ending, except I didn’t even have a good beginning. Not like the movie The Seagull, I don’t get how love is such a popular theme, when heartbreak often is the result. Are you familiar with Segal’s Law?

Segal’s Law: “A man with one watch knows what time it is. A man with two watches is never sure.”

This law is me. Maybe it is about greed, or maybe it is to make us all think differently. I was greedy in our relationship, and you constantly made me ponder new ways to approach you. I guess I didn’t ponder deep enough, or quick enough. Now I am in a car with an empty tank, coasting down M-6, looking for something new to fill me up. We were like the ’98 Braves, so close to a breakthrough where instead of a World Series, I would finally have my world made. But here I am without gas and there you are finding your next victim. Maybe I was one pitch away. Maybe one of us will be happy. Maybe I was one more workout away. But we didn’t work out. I have one final law for you.

Here is my law. “I have one heart, but I do not know how to love.”

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