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Sundos Hejazi




your rough edges 

made me bleed scarlet 

as i held you 

and tried to fix you. 

golden seams 

glue your pieces together. 

they magnify your fragments. 

your mistakes 

and flaws 

and scars 

and pain 

are not to be hidden.  

you no longer reject light, 

you welcome it. 

the beauty you once had

cannot compare 

to your beauty now. 

you were molded 

with precision. 

once a sorrowful lump, 

then a work of art, 

then a crushed mosaic, 

and finally, 

a beauty.  

you fell apart. 

now, you are reborn, 

a phoenix from its ashes. 

you are clean. 

cleansed of your past sins. 

alone, your parts are separate 

recollections of where you have been. 

but together,  

they are you.  

light came from your darkness.

joy dripped from your tears. 

your soul was ripped apart 

only to be pieced together 

with gold.  

it was not easy. 

it took time 

to find the right way  

to piece together your pieces. 

but it was worth it. 

you are worth it. 

you are restored 

with new perspective.  

a stem snapped in half. 

fractured glass.  

a flooded home. 

your pain changed you. 

you were silent, 

now you shine. 

your cracks are mended. 

they are not the same as before, 

but better.  

gold spills from your fault lines. 

it absorbs daylight. 

you are healed, 

not fixed.  

because you did not need to be changed. 

you needed to allow yourself 

to glow 

and embrace your hurt.  

where you were once split, 

you are now fused. 

your crevices make you special. 

every fissure is a chapter 

of your tale.  




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