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Una and the Brown Bird

By Salma G.

Once upon a time, there was a fairy named Una. She had black hair. She was practicing her aerial cart wheels when she saw what looked like a brown flower. A brown flower? No, that couldn’t be. The flower fairies made sure all the flowers were taken care of, and the flowers in this meadow she was practicing in were forget-me-nots. Forget-me-nots were not usually brown if they were taken care of. Even Una knew that. Since she was curious what the brown thing was, she flew towards the ground. Landing was easy for Una, for she was good at it. Since she was now on the ground, she picked up the brown thing and looked closely at it. It was a bird! A brown bird with a broken wing. She carefully rocked the small bird in her hands. Thinking hard she scratched her head. Her head! That was it! She pulled her yellow hair ribbon out of her hair. Then she wound her hair ribbon around the bird's broken wing. She smiled. Now she could take the bird to her mother. Her mother could take care of the bird until it got well again, but for now she had done her part. And boy, was she glad she had worn her hair ribbon!

Una and the Brown Bird: by Salma G.
Bob the Seagull: by Alyssa T.

Bob the Seagull

By Alyssa T.

     One day, Bob the seagull was minding his own business, trying to steal people's food. He didn’t understand why humans would swat him away when he was near, he just wanted food! Every day he would return to his family with not a chip or a fry. They had had to go to sleep hungry for the past few nights. He was angry and confused. Humans allowed other humans to share food with him, yet a seagull was shunned? Rude. He was determined to feed his family by venturing into the most dangerous place a seagull could be -- a human's nest. Their nests were on the ground and not on a tree, which was weird, so far from the sky! Not that he had ever seen a flying human. He set out in the early morning, having a map planned out in his head.

     First he would have to get in through the wooden barrier. That would be easy though, because it was low enough to fly over. The hard part would be getting past the guards.

     The four-legged beasts could jump surprisingly high, and their loud barks could damage a seagull's hearing. Their fur-covered legs had sharp talons at the ends, made for killing seagulls. And their stinky breath could make him faint. Once he got past them he would have to rip a hole in a door. Their doors were flimsy, made out of black netting. It was a mystery to Bob why they didn’t use the glass reinforcements their nest provided to protect the netting.

     Next, he would have to sneak over to where the food storage was and grab everything in sight. The humans would notice him soon otherwise. Number one seagull rule: quantity over quality. Then he would have to escape as fast as possible since the food would hold him down and make him an easy target. He preened his feathers once more and let out a battle cry.

     He located his target and brought his wings in, jumping off the branch and diving towards the nest. He streaked down through the sky like a missile, wearing his battle-face. He could not fail this mission, because he could not show humans that they had won! He landed on a grassy plain in front of the den, sporting a bed of flowers. He sneezed. Darn daffodils, always tickling his nose. He hopped stealthily to the wooden barrier, checking his surroundings for danger. Silence met his ears, good.

     He carried through with the plan, giggling as he soared past the sleeping guards. Such slackers, he thought. Making a hole was easy enough, but as his slim body wiggled through, a wing was caught in the netting. He cursed and tried to yank it out. Nope. The guards could awaken any second, he had to get out quickly! He chomped down on the netting with his beak, hoping that a bigger hole would solve the problem. It did, a few feathers still caught in the door but body intact. His claws click-clacked and left white marks against the wooden floor.      He quickly found the food storage and grabbed the bag of chips in his beak. His feet reached for a bag of bread and a container with blueberries. He flapped his wings but his heavy luggage slowed him down. He made it out of the den, one wobbly flap at a time. A couple more feathers were left in the netting but he survived.

     Now the next problems. The guards and the barrier. He regretted not getting a helper. Oh well, he would have to do this himself.

Somehow. The bread was getting smashed under him and the blueberries had turned into half juice. Perhaps, he could take them out one at a time. He took the bag of chips over the barrier, then the bread, and then the blueberries, and finally all three foods were over. He flew them back to his nest using the same one-by one-technique. His family screeched in joy and they feasted like royals. Moral: Seagulls always get their way. 

The Greatest Gift I Ever Got

By Hannah K.

Cally jumped out of bed and ripped open her present as soon as her alarm clock woke her up at midnight. Her hands flew over the wrapping paper as she tore. Her mind raced -- what could it possibly be? She felt an ornate, carved wooden box. Kelly flung open the top of the wooden box -- and was immediately disappointed. In the center of the box lay a dozen rubber bands with a tag on it that read: $5.99. "Super stretchy and has over 100 uses! PS, it’s up to you to figure out what these uses are", said the tag. For the first time since she got up she looked at her surroundings, feeling immensely disappointed. She was confused, however, when she realized that she was not in her living room! Instead she was in her pajamas, staring out at a paved golden room will precious gems and ornaments embedded in the walls. In the middle she was holding the rubber bands in her pajamas, her glistening Christmas tree in the center. She opened her mouth to cry out for help, but realize that she couldn’t move, or talk! Suddenly she heard a noise above her. Kelly stirred up, and realize it was a gigantic, 12-foot-tall gorilla staring down at her with heavily muscled arms. A bat suddenly appeared beside her and whispered, “Quick, with your rubber band! Use them to hit the gorilla's nose! It is very sensitive there and will immediately fall over and be knocked out for a few hours.” Kelly just stood there frozen. What?! How does a bat learn to speak English? When the bat noticed Kelly wasn’t moving he screamed, “Hurry!“ Callie quickly unfroze and made a rubber band slingshot. The gorilla came down to the ground and took a menacing step forward. Without thinking Callie flung the rubber band at the gorilla. Time seems to stop as the rubber band flew towards the gorilla. Kelly had to bite back a scream as she missed. She tried again and again, as the gorilla ran faster towards her. The gorilla was a yard away as Kelly loaded her last rubber band and fired. This time the rubber band hit the gorilla square in the nose. The gorilla toppled over, stunned, and Callie looked around to say thank you to the bat, but he had disappeared. The ground in room swirled around Callie and she woke up from Dreamland. She panted until she realized she was safe in her bed. Whew! Kelly thought that she would eventually find more ways to use rubber bands, and was relieved she found at least one way so far.

The Greatest Gift I Ever Got: by Hannah K.


By Aminjin B.

There was a little girl who loved to read. She had dark black hair and white cream skin. Indeed she was beautiful. All day she would read. One day when she was three her parents forced her to go outside. Wind ruffled her hair. Beautiful sites filled her eyes. Victoria instantly fell in love with nature. She was smart, beautiful, and active. Victoria was born to a very rich family. One night Victoria was outside on the porch, now 12. She looked out while she was waiting for her dad to return. He didn’t come. Finally a small wagon rolled over to Victoria’s house. Victoria ran over to the wagon. Her eyes filled with tears. On the wagon was the corpse of Victoria’s dad. Tears swelled. Rushing inside, Victoria told her family what happened. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. "Hide!" Victoria’s mom said. Stomp! Bandits stepped into the house. Victoria saw the bandits from under the sofa. Boom! Boom! Her grandmother and grandpa lay on the floor along with her mom. Tears swelled in her eyes. When Victoria finally stepped out, she took her important belongings and went to her aunt's house. Then she stopped, and decided she wanted to live in the wilderness. She was 15 when her aunt found her in the wilderness. Everyone thought Victoria was dead. Victoria's aunt took Victoria to her house. Victoria lived with her until she was 18. Once, Victoria pricked her finger on a rose. When she took her finger away she discovered her power: She could control nature. Nowadays you could hear her singing in the wilderness.

Wild: by Aminjin B.

The Best Gift Ever

By Olivia

Yahoo! It was the best thing that happened to me! We were going to adopt the most adorable dog! He was a five-month-old Maltese dog. We were in the car, excited to death. I always wanted a dog since I was six, and finally I was going to get a dog! My grandma, my mom, my sister and I were driving to adopt him. And then we were there! We walked and I press my face against the window and stared at the dog I was about to adopt. The moment I saw him I knew he was my dog. He looked at me with cute eyes and suddenly started peeing. I started laughing and my sister asked why and I answered, “He just started peeing so suddenly.“ And we started laughing together. Then our dog stared at us like we were crazy. We just started to laugh again. It was so funny and adorable. I asked the person if we could take him out and she said yes. She walked through the clear door and all the dogs started jumping like crazy. She took out our dog. He started wagging his tail happily and I held him. He was so warm that I hugged him a bit tighter. He nestled his snout into my clothes and he started sleeping. It was the best thing that ever happened to me.

The Best Gift Ever: by Olivia _.
My Baby Brother: by Rhea J.

My Baby Brother

By Rhea J.

Once I was in pre-K. It was naptime. I couldn't sleep in this cold, dark room, though. Just then I heard a familiar voice talking to the teacher. I turned around and found my dad signing me out. I was so confused. Why was he signing me out in the middle of the day? I ran to my dad and said, "Daddy, why are you picking me up in the middle of the day?" He said, "Your new baby brother is here." "Uuggh! Finally!" I replied. We rushed to the car. My dad buckled me into the car seat. This was my favorite place for naptime. By the time we got to the hospital, I was fast asleep with the snoring, the head drooping, and even drooling. It literally took my dad ten minutes to wake me up. We walked into the hospital. It was nothing like what I thought it would be like. It was white everywhere. If I could decorate his place I would put flowers and princesses everywhere saying "Feel better!" It felt like a million hours before we were called inside. As soon as I walk inside the first thing I saw was a baby tucked into a blue blanket. I quickly slid my finger into his hand and that's when I knew he was going to be a funny but naughty brother.


by Ebie A.

At 8:30 in the morning, Martha crosses the road. At 9:15, Martha arrives at the other side of the street. 10 minutes later, Mr. Krosby starts to cross, and takes a total of 25 seconds to cross the same road. It is 9:45, and Stewart is heading to the scale in the office of Mr. Krosby. Nice -- almost a pound. Stewart’s ears perk up to the sound of footsteps across the hall. It’s Mr. Krosby for his second cup of coffee for the day. Stewart glances at the clock. It is 10:30. He imagines what will happen right before he sees it. At the same time, Martha is creeping up the wall to meet Stewart at the office. She sees Stewart making a crossing motion with her hands, right before she is reached down to by a giant human hand. The last thing she sees before she is flung through a window and into a full-speed car is Mr. Krosby’s eyes. They are murderous. Stewart has nothing to do but surrender -- they won’t be able to run this time. In around three days all the miniatures are gone, infiltrated. Which is why there are none anymore, after that one day, somewhere in November 2019.

Untitled: by Ebie A.

The Adventures of "I Am Bad" in

By Daniel K.

The blue team was closing in. “I am Bad“ needed to escape. It was tag mode in, and he was the last red guy. He desperately needed to kill someone so that there would be more red guys on his team. Even though he was only a level 22 twin gun, he knew he could turn the game around. Then he spotted his opportunity. One of the blue guys was a level 15 sniper with its back turned. He needed to keep calm. One small misstep, and the blue team would win. He somehow managed to kill a level 44 triple shot, and a level 19 twin. However he was in trouble, big time now. He only had half-health, and the skimmers, spread shots, fighters, and boosters were ever closer. However when he killed the two blue guys earlier, he got upgraded, all the way to a level 44 twin flank. “If only I could kill one more destroyer,“ he thought. The destroyers were on the second wave, but his bullet penetration was at max-level. The bullets managed to break through the spread-shots on Wave One, and killed the destroyers. By then he was already a Level 45 battleship with full health. The triangles that spawned killed the first through fifth waves, and that was enough to win the tag game. He went around the map, killing everything he could. Only about one and a half minutes later the screen said, “Red has won the game!“ And “Arena closed -- no more players can join.“ He knew that the Arena Closer was yet to come, but he didn’t care. He was busy doing his happy dance and was preparing for a very big slumber party. The Arena Closer came, but it could never kill him. Soon his name was in the Guinness and record books. He became an instant celebrity and won $100 million. This was a day he would never forget. 

The Adventures of "I Am Bad" in by Daniel K.

Blah the Cat

By Elizabeth T.

Once, there was a cat named Blah. Blah liked to eat horses, birds, other cats, and insects. Blah ate horses because he thought horses were big and yummy. Blah ate insects because they were small and yummy. Blah ate birds because they were yummy. Blah once thought about why he liked to eat cats, but instead of thinking about it, Blah declared, "Blah like eat cats!“ (As you can see, Blah is 'slightly' stupid.) One day, while Blah was at the zoo and everyone was avoiding him, he was watching the human pit. Suddenly, he saw a human named Bob was walking a cat while sitting on a horse. Blah rushed to the receptionist, which was a cat like everyone else, and cried, “Where human take cat-horse?!“ Of course, the cat almost understood, because everyone knew Blah was incredibly stupid and ate cats, so they studied his language so they wouldn’t get eaten. “Bob the human is the owner of a cat and horse is that and is at Cave No. 117,“ said the cat, with the word Joe imprinted on its forehead. "Thank," is all Blah answered before eating Joe the cat. When Blah got to Cave No. 117, he ate every living thing in the house including Bob. Blah found he loved eating humans, and he lived alone and happily ever after. 

Blah the Cat: by Elizabeth T.

Tiny's Food

By Lia O.

Once there was an oversized cat. His name was Tiny. He loved food more than everything (except more food). One day while he stretched across the entire couch and being very selfish and individual, the doorbell rang. The suspense and tension was ecstatic. The old door creaked open. A deafening cry came out, but it wasn’t words. Suddenly the person who fed Tiny came in with something wrapped in an embroidered shawl. Tiny thought that he might sleep on it in the morning. He woke up, only to find that his morning buffet was not there. He started to panic, so he trotted into the kitchen. He was now out of breath from running from one room to the other. He discovered that his owner had a new obsession. The figure was tiny, and it wailed at the top of its miniature lungs. Tiny did not see how the owner could like this ball of sound more than him! He trudged into the kitchen very upset, only to find his brunch bigger than ever! Then he (and his meals) lived happily ever after (with the ball of noise!

Tiny's Food: by Lia O.

The Adventures of CutieKitty

By CJ K.

Once upon a time, there lived a cute kitty named CutieKitty. A bunch of crazy barbarians came along and invaded CutieKitty‘s life. All her soldiers were madly in love with CutieKitty and made fools out of themselves when they fled the barbarians like little babies. But CutieKitty came along and unleashed her secret weapon, sassiness. The barbarians fell madly in love and became her new soldiers. One day, an adventurer came, not knowing he would change CutieKitty's life forever. He was a strong knight who came to warn CutieKitty about EvilKitty. His name was KnightKitty. KnightKitty warned CutieKitty, but she did not listen. She tried to use her sassiness on the knight but it did not work. The knight did not care that the sassy queen would not listen; he was on a mission to protect CutieKitty. EvilKitty was plotting his evil plan to overthrow CutieKitty and steal the throne. EvilKitty gathered his forces to attack CutieKitty. Could CutieKitty’s new army stop him or would they fail?

The Adventures of CutieKitty: by CJ K.


By Rhea J.

Nimishasha was at karate class one day. She was having her black belt test tomorrow, so she need to practice. She was just about to do a spinning back kick when she fell on her rear end and her leg got stuck behind her head. She didn’t know yet, but she had kicked a super glue bottle open, and splatted some behind her head when doing her kick. She signed some autographs for surviving the move, and tried to put her leg back on the ground. But by that time, all the super glue had dried. "But not to worry," said Nimishasha. "I am quite comfortable in this position. I’ll just walk home like this." When her mom came home and saw that her child's leg was stuck behind her head, Mama came to the rescue. After two hours they finally got the super glue off and Nimishasha got a good nights sleep!

Untitled: by Rhea J.
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