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By Jaya U.


Red carnation,

Bright buds

Waiting to bloom, 

In the weak sun

Of the cold January



Blue iris,

New in spring

Headstrong and brave

Lover of February



Yellow daffodil,

A brilliance equal to light

Shining bright

The flower of March



Purple sweet pea,

Kind and generous

Spread far and wide

April’s flower of delight



Pink lily,

Outlined in white

Standing out

In a lonely pond

The splendid flower of May



Colorful roses,

Yet widely known in red

Fall’s heart

Warm June’s flower



White larkspur,

Blooming lightly

Shared by summer and spring

The lovely flower of July



Orange gladiolus,

Splendid and gorgeous

June’s love

But the flower of August



Purple and pink aster,

With her narrow leaves

The flower of September



Golden Marigold,

The flame of autumn

And the flower of October



Violet chrysanthemum,

Shared by summer and autumn

November’s flower of joy



Colorful poinsettia,

Bloomed in darkness

December’s flower of the dark

Flowers: by Jaya U.
Black and White: by Suhrith B.
Untitled: by Meghna C.

Black and White

By Suhrith B.

black and white, wrong and right

it may seem deceptive if you alter the perspective

one of them is truthful, another a liar

on will leave unscathed, the other in fire

but do we know for sure,

that the liar is in the fire?

anything can happen

whatever it may be

one thing will surely be found

that sliver of gray

that wisdom locked away

safe and sound

that sliver of middle ground


black and white, wrong and right

it is now clear, why they are here


By Meghna C.

Fight me if you dare

I will not give up to you

My heart’s in the mood


I will rise to you

For each day, will start anew

Though there is no tune


I may seem too odd

Though I am brave; I am me


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