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Message From the Editor

     Welcome to the nineteenth edition of Scribere! I apologize for the long delay in publishing this latest issue; due to COVID-related issues we were unable to get this one out for quite a while. But Scribere is now back in full force, don't worry!

     I started Scribere out of a desire to help others like myself get their work published online through a transparent editing and revising process. After my own horrible experiences with getting work accepted online, I wanted to make sure that no other young authors would have to experience the feeling of being totally ignored and lost as I did. And now, with nearly 250 unique authors submitting work from 29 US states and six countries over five years, I'd like to think I've made an impact on that problem. 

     So it's with a sense of contentedness that I step down from the position of Chief Editor as of this issue. From now on, Irene T. will be taking over as Chief Editor, and I look forward to watching her as she continues to make Scribere even better.

     Scribere has made a fantastic impact on my life, and I'm glad that I was able to be part of Scribere's impact on many of your lives as well. Keep on writing and submitting your work -- I look forward to reading it all!

-- Keshav D.

Founding Editor, Scribere

An online literary journal for youth ages 11-18. Our mission? To inspire youth creativity.

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